Innovative CO2 transformation into fish feed proteins

4 April 2023

Norwegian technology transforms CO2 into valuable protein for aquaculture.

Work is underway on an innovative solution to capture and convert CO2 from biogenic sources to nutritional proteins for use in aqua feed using a fermentation process. This technology was developed in response to an urgent environmental need to replace plant-based proteins, such as soy, with single cell proteins (SCPs) in aqua feed. The focus is on producing microbial protein from gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, which are naturally derived from water and air. Work is underway to optimize the production process at a pilot plant in Norway. The biomass obtained has a protein content of approximately 70%, but this can increase to 80% depending on the processing. Support has also been received to further develop this technology, and it is planned to build a commercial facility in the near future.