Commercial plant for protein production


Farsund, Norway




Project planning

Production capacity

Protein 2,000 tonnes/year
Salmon 6,000 tonnes/year

The facility

The Lista project is located near Lista Airport, and will be operated by Lista Laks AS. The project is our first on a commercial scale, demonstrating our circular process for carbon capture and protein production. This is done in collaboration with our sister company EFC.

The facility will consist of protein production and salmon farming, with associated smolt production and a slaughterhouse. Planned annual production is 2,000 tonnes of proteins and 6,000 tonnes of salmon.

The area is an existing industrial area, with good infrastructure available, and areas that support further expansion.

3033-EFC-List Salmon-_6 - Photo


The expansion of salmon production will take place in stages and G2F will scale production in parallel with EFC.


  • 720 tonnes of organic waste recycled for biogas production
  • About. 4,000 tonnes of recycled CO2
  • Up to 13,000 tonnes lower CO2 discharge a traditional salmon farm