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Green energy and microorganisms are changing the world


Gas 2 Feed is a pioneering player in sustainable protein production

Gas 2 Feed captures CO2 and using biotechnology and micro-organisms converts this into valuable products. G2F supplies the core technology to establish and operate plants that capture and convert CO2 to nutritional proteins. G2F will purposefully address an ever-growing feed market within aquaculture as its first market segment.

G2F will focus on the use of CO2 from biological sources. CO2 caught from land-based farms and originating from the fish's respiration will be the first biological CO2- the source. This will be done in collaboration with EcoFishCircle AS (EFC), which operates land-based aquaculture facilities and has developed an adapted technology for the removal of CO2 from seawater.

G2F is collaborating with Hydrogen Pro and will install their highly efficient electrolyzers for the supply of hydrogen and oxygen in production.

The electrolysis will generate sufficient oxygen for both oxygenation of the breeding tanks and for the needs in the G2F reactor.

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G2F works closely with sister company EFC for the recycling of CO2 for the production of nutritional proteins that are used as an ingredient in the feed. Furthermore, both G2F and EFC work closely with Hydrogen-Pro for the production of green hydrogen and oxygen for the breeding facility as well as hydrogen for the fermentation.