G2F makes protein from gas. The technology was developed for long space journeys

29. November 2023

Teknisk Ukeblad has published an article about us:

"Gas 2 Feed aim to produce 20,000 tonnes of gas annually. Currently, the test reactor outside Stavanger only produces 500 kilograms a year, but they have already secured funding for an upscaling to 15 tonnes.

The test reactor is a cylinder that is supplied with hydrogen, oxygen, CO2 and small amounts of other nutrients via cables. The cocktail causes the bacterial culture to grow very quickly.

In August this year, the first protein powder was produced from this reactor. 

- That was an important milestone, because now we have proven that the biology works and that the bacteria grow, says Smiljana Divjak, CEO of Gas 2 Feed (G2F) and EcoFishCircle."

Read the whole article on TU.no (in Norwegian)