Terje Mikalsen wants to revolutionize the fish feed industry

15 June 2023

With a new pilot reactor in Risavika, Gas 2 Feed, led by Terje Mikalsen, aims to transform the fish feed industry by producing environmentally friendly protein for salmon.

Terje Mikalsen, an experienced businessman known for his ventures in technology and shipping, is now revolutionizing the fish feed industry. As chairman and majority owner of Gas 2 Feed, Mikalsen leads a major investment that could transform the entire fish feed market.

The company recently unveiled a pilot reactor in Risavika, presented by Mikalsen himself together with CTO Arild Johannessen and business development director Vukasin Draganovic. This reactor aims to produce protein for salmon feed in a more environmentally friendly way. By utilizing new technology and collaborating with EcoFishCircle AS, a subsidiary specialized in carbon recycling, Gas 2 Feed is ready to make a significant impact on the CO₂ footprint of fish farming.

With the global demand for fish expected to increase fivefold within a few decades, Mikalsen recognizes the need for sustainable solutions. The new production method used by Gas 2 Feed involves the cultivation of microorganisms using CO₂, water and electricity, resulting in a protein-rich biomass. This approach offers an alternative to soy protein, which is mainly imported from Brazil and contributes to high carbon emissions.

The state is also enthusiastic about this ground-breaking initiative. Kristina Sigurdsdottir Hansen, State Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, praised Gas 2 Feed's efforts and emphasized the importance of innovative solutions to build sustainable industries. With 70% of greenhouse gas emissions in aquaculture attributed to feed production, access to more sustainable feed aligns perfectly with the government's goals.